Series 33 West Linn Triathlon Training Program

Starting this Saturday, Tenacious Training will be hosting a weekly training seminar and Series 33 West Linn Triathlon course preview over 5 weeks. This 5-part training series is in conjunction with Series 33 sponsor - ActiveEdge Wellness Center. Each session is designed to provide a comprehensive multi-sport fitness challenge to take your fitness to the next level just in time for the West Linn Triathlon on August 17th.

open water swim focus with course preview and review of techniques, run course preview (5k), nutrition recommendations pre/during/post race, and free short consult with ActiveEdge dietician.

7/19: BIKE + SWIM + MOBILITY: bike course preview, techniques for gearing, ascending and descending, open water swim buoy rounding, rolling stretching and mobility techniques, free ActiveEDGE FMS screen and mobility plan.

7/26: WOMEN FOCUS + HEART RATE: course preview led by Suzanne McLarty/Giovanna Matic/Nicole Richards, heart rate training and testing with Timex HR monitors.

8/2: BIKE BRICK + STRENGTH: bike/run brick, transition practice, strength training with corrective exercise plan.

8/9: SWIM BRICK + INJURIES: swim/bike brick, review of race day nutrition, injury assessment and tips on injury prevention with ActiveEdge Physical Therapists.

Each FREE session is on a drop-in basis and will start at 7am at ActiveEdge. ActiveEdge is generously including free give-aways and prizes to lucky participants. Make sure to follow along via Facebook for more details and progress of this exciting and exclusive summer training. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

- Ken


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