Week 1: Series 33 West Linn Triathlon Training Program

This Saturday, July 12th, will be the first of a 5-part triathlon training series I’m hosting with ActiveEdge Wellness Center. For this first session, I’ll be focusing on our West Linn Tri swim venue. Considering we’re expecting some hot weather this weekend, a swim in the Willamette will be a great way to kick of your weekend.

Grab your wet suit, meet us at 7 am, at Active Edge Wellness Center and get ready for a great workout. After a quick stretch and introduction we’ll head over to Willamette Park for open water swim, reviewing a variety of open water techniques. We’ll follow up the swim with a quick 5K of the running course. As a reminder, a detailed description of the West Linn Triathlon swim, bike and run courses are listed on the Series 33 website.

Afterwards we’ll return to Active Edge for a free short consultation with their dietician who will provide recommendations for pre, post and during race nutrition.

This FREE training session will prove to be challenging for any fitness level and for any level triathlete. Whether you are just thinking about signing up for your first triathlon, just getting started in multi-sport fitness or have been competing for years, I guarantee you’ll learn something new and get a great workout on Saturday.

Hope to see you then!

- Ken

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