Training Menu and Costs

Fee structures are available. Pay all at once, monthly, or in multiple payments. We accept credit cards as well. All coached athletes will receive a race singlet, a tech, and discounts at some of the area’s top endurance sports stores.  Our coaches work with runners, cyclist, swimmers, and all types of multi-sport athletes, triathlete, du-athlete, or adventure athlete.

  • Consulting-$65.00 Our consulting fee is based on an hour’s time after we have read any prior training logs you may have or a verbal description of your past training. This time can be used to help you develop your own schedule or give you better insight to take your training and racing to the next level by yourself. This is good option for experienced athletes looking for a new course to get off a platue, or switch up their existing training.

  • Monthly-$145.00 This is great for the athlete looking to hit your “A-Race” well tuned and rested. You’ll get Five weeks of written schedules based on your current fitness level. Coaches will work with you to plan your race strategy, nutritional needs, and your mental approach to the day.

  • Three Months-$405.00 Our preferred selection for beginning athletes or an athlete who’s not been professionally coached before. This is for athletes of all abilities looking to get more fit and understand your training better. Twelve weeks of personalized workouts based on your goals and current fitness levels. This is the minimum time for a race specific coaching course.  A weekly workout with your coach in your chosen discipline.  You will also have unlimited email access to your coach.

  • Six Months-$800.00 For athletes with very specific goals and long term accountability. This is for the focused athlete who wishes to overcome existing hurdles or needs a good structured program that will get him or her to the next level. A great use of this time would be a base training period followed by a race specific program. Twenty –six weeks of written programs, 26 weekly workouts with your coach. Planning for one or two “A races”. Expect to get fit and fast.

We realize that all coaches are not the right fit for all athletes. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your experience with Tenacious Training your time remaining will be refunded back to you. This applies to all single contract athletes and doesn’t apply to any group trained athlete. If you are in a group trained contract we will move you to a different coach of your choice.

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