Cyclocross Championship Call-Up List

For the 2013 OBRA Cyclocross Championship, we will call-up the top 5 riders from OBRA BAR, Grand Prix Erik Tonkin and the Cross Crusade series for each category.

Outlined here are the start times, call-ups and award ceremony times. (click on the image to zoom in)

First Race: Beginner Men (40 mins)


Second Race: Mens C and Mens Clydesdale (45 mins)


** 10:25 AM –  Break – Course Preview (10 mins) **

Third Race: Master Men C 35+ (45 mins)


Fourth Race: Master Men B 35+, Master Men 50+, Master 60+ (45 mins)


Fifth Race: Junior Men and Women, 10-18 years old, (35 mins)


** 12:20 Kiddie Kross, A &B (25 mins) **

Seventh Race: Men A, Women A, Master Men A 35+ (60 mins)

MenA_WomanA_cx_championship_callups** 2:10 PM –  Break – Course Preview (10 mins) **

Eighth Race: Women Categories B & C, Beginner Women, Master Women A, B & 35+ (45 mins)


Ninth Race: Men B and Single Speed (45 mins)


If you see your name on the list, make sure you are registered — 2013 OBRA Cyclocross Championships at Edgefield

For more details of the course, check out the map – Edgefield 2013 OBRA CX Championships Map


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